An afternoon and a sweet conversation with our then 7-year-old grandson a few years ago . . .

Journaling: Jackson is at the lake with a friend and you stayed at our house today . . . the weather wasnít the best . . . so the two of us set off to run errands and have lunch out while Papa worked at home. Our last stop was the grocery store . . . you asked me if I had any grape juice . . . we didnít. You asked if we might find some and buy it, because it is really good. I talked about Papa liking it with ginger ale in it and you said you just like it plain. When we got home, you placed a small bottle in the freezer to get it cold while we unloaded and put things away in the kitchen. You got out two small glasses and poured each of us half of the bottle each. Next you asked me if I had some bread . . . I did . . . you found the perfect piece, and then begin telling me just what to do next. First of all, you tore off a small piece of the slice of bread and next tore off a piece for me . . . you told me to do what you were going to do. This was to dip your bread in the juice and then hold your hand under the drips and eat the bread. Isnít it good you asked? I asked him where he had gotten this idea.

ďAt churchĒ you proceeded to tell me!

I first smiled ( I wanted to laugh) and told that this ďrecipe as you called itĒ was surely good . . . we talked about where you were at church and why and you began to understand a little I think.. You didnít understand what you were doing at the alter rail before at all . . . you told me it was a church snack. We talked about communion and the meaning of the wine (or juice) and the bread and you thought about it and understood a tiny bit I think.

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P.S. I just noticed that I cut off a sentence or two at the end of my journaling and found a few misspelled words on the layout . . . must fix this before I print the page!! It is so typical of me to post with errors and misspelled words . . . I do this all the time!!!!!