So, yeah... real life. Hubby got (still is) really sick... sicker than he's ever been. He's the one of the most fit and healthy people I know... this came out of nowhere! Literally, from two days of barely coughing to the ER because he could hardly breathe and his whole side was wracked with pain! Actually brought him to his knees. Kinda scary, to be honest. But, NO cancer and he's slowly feeling better, so we are counting our blessings.

June 2015 | Signs of a sickie in the house. A real sickie, actually... Rick somehow came down with pneumonia and the pain and agony of pleurisy at the same time. He visited ER twice and saw the general practitioner, the internist and a pulmonologist. He had X-rays and a CT scan and was prescribed an inhaler to help him breath. Wow. The good news? The shadow on the lungs was NOT cancer (whew!)... the bad news? This could go on for weeks. Poor Rick... he is not a patient man nor does he ever sit still so this is VERY hard for him! But, we