I found this old photo of these two little grandís with their brand new car video player and wanted to document my early feeling toward these ďnew fangledĒ creations! My husband and I made a serious 360-degree turn in our assessment of the necessity of having one in our car.

Journaling: Austin & Callie are getting ready to go back to their house. Callie has her mousy . . . she canít be with out him and they two of them have a Curious George movie in the disk player! The children . . . all of our grandchildren . . . love the players in their cars. When I first saw them, we were traveling and could see the nighttime glow in passing cars . . . we had no idea what they were. At that time only a few people owned them . . . I had no idea that they could be obtained in stores. Kevin bought the first one in our family . . . I donít remember, but Iím sure that Michael and Beth had them for their cars soon afterwards. My reaction, when I realized that these were available was ďthose things are ridiculousĒ! Why in the world would children need to watch movies when riding in cars . . . canít they do this enough at home? Well, it didnít take me long to become a believer! I saw that there were fewer squabbles between the children on trips . . . they were quite all the way trips . . . they were quite all the way home . . . even it was five or six or eight hours! A miracle in my eyes! Soon we had a new car with built in video players in the back seat . . . we will NEVER buy a car without them again!! Our first trip with our set was to Florida with a seven & three year old . . . we listened to Finding Nemo a dozen times and our two little grand boys were angels for eight hours!

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