I will be adding names/colleges to this page when my son has time to give them to me. All of these mids he met upon arrival at CORTRAMID (navy training) and I am so glad he did!

Layer Works No. 326 edited the colors completely as well as some of the elements
Roughed Up Pocket Cards: Striped No. 01
So Fine Element Pack
Great Escape Twill Strips
Beach House Memories Mini Kit
To the Sea Scrapbook Collection

journaling: So far, CORTRAMID has been pretty easy. You have had countless briefs about rules, regulations, schedules, etc. and then you’ve had a lot of liberty. You sat with people you didn’t know the first day at lunch and “The Crew” was born. Now you all own matching shirts and have been tearing up San Diego together. I’m so glad you are having such an amazing time. The rubber hits the road on Tuesday when you begin Marine week though.