I am in love with Katie's new Musical Blends! The piano was perfect for a story and photo I wanted to scrap. You may learn something about me you didn't know. TFL

This is a much younger me, sitting at my beloved Steinway grand piano. I truly donít remember, but I think I was about 19. As a gift to my parents, I hired a photographer to come into our home to take this photograph. We lived in Dallas and the photographer was from the Van Gogh Studio. I played classical music from the time I was 7 on, and back in the day, was quite accomplished. My music room was filled with busts of composers, which were all awards. Sadly, I no longer have this piano and I donít play very often. I have fond memories of my family listening to me, especially my mother. I got up at 6:00 most mornings to practice an hour before going to school. My favorite composers include Mendelssohn, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. I played them all! Classical music will always be a part of my heart and soul and so will be the most gorgeous instrument I know, the piano.

Katie Pertiet
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