my mom & aunt came for a visit and we spent a couple days touring the city. we did not, in our wildest dreams, imagine we would end up walking out of the bazaar with 2 carpets in our hands (and by "we," i mean "they"...i just helped carry). it was a crazy, great, unexpected experience. and if anyone needs a contact for a really great Turkish carpet, i have one now.

this is a lift of Julie's page on the blog today

we weren’t planning on buying a carpet. we weren’t even looking at them.
but Ugur said that people like us are the best kind of customers.
it all started with olive oil soap, actually...

we were checking out the front of the store,
just stepping inside to look at the better quality soaps...of which we ended up buying 20 bars.
so while they packaged things up, they offered us tea...which led to an invitation downstairs to hear a history lesson on Turkish carpets. i think Jill & Mom both gasped slightly when they saw the bright patchwork carpet hanging on the wall, but only out of curiosity.
we sat and listened and laughed and drank and had many ‘aha!’ moments as Ugur gave his presentation. and in all honesty, it was amazing. he knew his stuff, especially his audience. it was the patchwork carpets that caught our attention easily--so unique, so striking, so un-Turkish that we allkinda fell for them. Jill says she knew the moment he showed us the green one that she was going to buy it. for a while Mom was interested in a gray painted patchwork, thinking no way she would make a decision without Dad around. and then he pulled out the blue one. and it wasn’t long before we were walking out of the store with much more than olive oil soap. in fact, the ‘victory lap’ through the rest of the Egyptian Spice Bazaar was one of the best experiences. ever. because everyone else knew that we had just invested in a Turkish memory to last a lifetime.

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