Another page for my 2012 album. My daughter, Amy, was home and I think she was getting tired of me taking dozens of photos of her every time (but she's so darn photogenic!). So this time she said to me sarcastically "What are you going to call this one, Mum? Amy does the ironing?". Cheeky girl!
I have long wanted to do a page similar to this one I did a few years ago:
To his makeover challenge was just what I needed. I used the same template, added some different photos, and then found that as my title had to follow AFTER my journaling I had to switch them around on my page, and so that I could read the journaling, I had to remove the brushwork. The other changes were the addition of a few laundry style elements to match my page theme - the basket, buttons, peg and doily.
Thoughtful Layered Template
Basic Tags No. 03 (switched out the tag in the template for a red one)
Bead Scatterings No. 02
Curated Studio Mix Scrapbooking Kit No. 20 (doily and basket)
Frame Hangers No. 01 (peg)
Woodland Pines Paper Pack

Fonts (my favourties!)
The title font is brushTip-C.
The journaling is JoeHand3.