We were getting ready for the kids' bath last night when Tom announced that he wants lots of jobs when he grows up.

The list consists of racing driver, fireman, policeman and fruit worker. I asked what a fruit worker was.

I then asked when he'd do the jobs, and we worked out that he'd race at the weekend, be a policeman at night, and the fireman during the day. Guessing the fruit must be an early morning work environment!

I then asked Amy, who replied that she wanted to work in a shop and be a Youtuber.

Hmmm! :D

Supplies used:
K Pertiet
Amaze Me Brushes and Stamps;
Arrow Wire Paper Clips No. 01;
Brilliant Love: Roughed Up Pocket Cards;
Catching Rainbows Scrapbooking Kit;
Chalkboard Banners Brushes and Stamps No. 03;
Chalkboard Leaves Brushes and Stamps No. 01;
Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 01;
Large Stacked Journal Spots;
Doodled Notebook Sampler;
Filed Notebook 4x6 Journalers No. 01;
Hidden Meadow Kit;
Home and Garden Kit;
On the Go Kit;
Whimsy Words: Fruity;
William Scrapbooking Kit;