If you follow Cathy Z’s blog, you must already know what her “Make a Page Monday” is . . . it has been around for a few years on-and-off. It happens to be on again and the page for this week really spoke to me.

It was the journaling idea that grabbed me. Long story short . . . I have been spring-cleaning my computer room/sewing room/laundry room/craft room/business office/catch-it-all combo room. While going through old papers to toss I ran across a list of things on a scrap of paper which I had written in pencil one weekend in 2006 when we babysat this darling boy when he had just turned two years old. Cathy’s hybrid layout was just what I needed to keep this for Austin when he gets older . . . I loved the layout, so I didn’t change much at all . . . this is pretty much a CASE (copy & scrap exactly). I made my page totally digital. I am not good at paper/digi-scrapping anymore.

Journaling: in august of 2006 you turned two | in october your hair was just a little bit curly | you are 35” tall & weigh 30 lbs | you wear a size 5 pampers & a size 6.5 shoe | you like to pinch right now | we hope you will grow out of this before too long | you always chew the wheels off of all toy cars & trucks | you call yourself au-tin | you say “down” for “up” | when you fall down you say “boo boo” | and you say all of these things . . . hi, bye-bye | rooster “say doodle-doo” | choo choo | woo woo | Oh nooooooo | hut paw for football | nose for no | nuk or nilk for milk | bees for please | wok for walk | nak with a long A for snake | tanks for thanks | bee bee for you baby sister, Callie | duba dee for pretty please if you want something | whing for swing | waining for raining | no-ing for snowing | uh-huhhhh for yes | ni-let for night | mouth for mow | you like to watch curious george . . . cars . . . sesame street . . . thomas the train . . . fishy show (nemo) | you are really good to go to bed when taken at 7 o’clock . . . and like to get up about eight in the morning . . . you are a good eater and really love chicken | you love to snuggle with your daddy, but want mommy to fix your food | you love to read books | your favorite toy is the thomas the train set | we love this cute little guy who looks so much like his daddy did!

Basic Paper Alphabet: Beige Caps
Patterning Palettes: Taupe Paper Pack
Second Hand Memories Element Pack (staples)
Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 02
Fonts: Avenir LT Std, Avenir Next Condensed, Channel Left Slanted