The last page that I included in my year book for 2014 before sending it to print Smile
Can't wait for this baby to arrive!

More stories captured and documented. In print. Proof that I was here watching another year of life unfold.
The kids being successful and getting on with their lives. The grandchildren growing and developing and learning and laughing and having fun.

All those little bits of everyday life that alone may not seem a big deal. But when considered all together, they are the real deal.

The here and now.

Whether itís snippets directly from 2014 or from previous years, Iíve thought about each and every story contained in this book at some point during the year.

Sometimes they may be fleeting moments, sometimes it may be the full story, sometimes itís a memory from days gone by. But whatever the detail, they are all part
of me regardless of whether I feature in the story or not.

There may also be some words in these stories that have been duplicated in this book or in previous books. They may even appear in future books.
In fact thatís highly likely.

Because I can say ĎI love youí more than once in different stories and in different contexts. I can show my pride in those I hold dear many, many times.
On occasion, I also open up and share some of my deepest thoughts and feelings within these pages. And sometimes, year on year, those thoughts
and feelings donít change much. Itís all about the good and the not so good.

And I hope by documenting all these stories, those that I love and care for the most know how I feel about them and what they mean to me.
That they matter. A great deal. More than the world. More than anything.

Thank you all for being in my life.

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