This is my lift of Deanie’s beautiful page Exploring History. It was the perfect inspiration for a bit of an update page on Lincoln. We started off great with Linc and kindergarten….and then he quickly decided he did not want to go unless I stayed with him. It has made kindy drop off rather difficult so this was a little scrap therapy after another morning of tears from my sweet boy yesterday.

Thanks for looking! Smile

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Curated Studio Mix Scrapbooking Kit No. 20
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Font: Pea Robyn
Journaling: Your first couple of days at kindergarten went so well until you realised it was to become a regular thing. The 3rd day you got so upset that I had to take you home. You held on tight and screamed “No Mummy! I want to go with you!” I gave in that one time and no sooner than that afternoon you were asking to go back! Ever since though, each kindy drop off has been met with tears and tantrums and it is so hard, sweet boy! Each afternoon they tell me though, that after you settle down you end up having a really great day. And you always ask to go back until I actually take you there! You really do love it, you just wish Mummy and Poppy could stay with you, too. You even asked me if Poppy could stay with you this morning. Your teachers tell me you doing better each time so I am sure it won’t be long before you can’t shoo me out the door quick enough. Until then though, we persist.