For those of you that don't speak Finnish, my dh's name, Lauri, is a Finnish name (which loosely translates to Lawrence). He's actually American born, but has this tricky Finnish name I always feel I must explain when I use it in journaling. TFL!

journaling: "Sugar me, honey!" It's an old joke with us, drawn from a tale about old family friends married a long time, like us. The husband knows just how much sugar his wife likes in her coffee, like so many things you come to understand about a long-time partner.

It took Lauri 30 years to point out to me that I have actually been short-changing him on the sugar in his coffee. You see, we have this deal: in the mornings I fetch him a cup of coffee, and when I come home from work in the evenings, he mixes me a cocktail. All these years he'd been wishing for just a little more sugar in his coffee, but didn't want to hurt my feelings be telling me.

Well of course I started adding another teaspoon of sugar, and felt very pleased that we had such an evolved and mature relationship that we could tell each other anything, even after years of quiet. Weeks later I casually asked, "How's your coffee been, honey? Better now?"