Packers are in tomorrow for the big furniture. I'll be up at 5am to try and empty the big furniture. Then the rest of the weekend back and forth with a truck and boxes. It has been storming and raining for most of the day with the same forecast tomorrow. Oh Joy! Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'll need a lot of luck. On the plus side at least I have the day off work.

I may be out of the gallery for a while as we do not have internet at the new house. It will also be snail internet when it finally does arrive. Might be able to upload from work though next week. If I can get my computer set up somewhere. Anyway I'll jump in and comment from my phone and you may see the rest of this album in January.

Credits: Katie Pertiet: Hello December Kit, Days of December Layered template Album # 8, Paint it Gold 1

Thanks so much for looking!