Journaling: The Davenports have a history when it comes to Thanksgiving and pie. Itís a little absurd really. The problem is I want everyone to have their favorites and (of course) everyone in our family has a different opinion when it comes to pie. We gnerally have 3 to 4 pies for six people. (Yep. Absurd.) So this year the Board family visited and their pie pickings meshed with ours rather nicely. 4 pies for 10 people. Well, that was venturing into normal territory. I had lemon meringue, chocolate, apple and pumpkin planned. Then my husband saw a pecan pie in the grocery ad and requested that. The next day, he stated that he would really like a peach pie too. Just like that weíre back in absurd world. 6 pies. 10 people. I guess itís tradition. 11/2014

Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 02
Apple Cider Mini Kit

PS We still have some pecan left if anyone would like a piece.