Halloween pumpkin fun!!!

Designer Digitals:
Katie Pertiet:
Metsa Element Pack
Trickery Add-On Paper Pack
Trickery Paper Pack
Edge Overlays No. 07
Basic Paper Alphabet: Beige Caps
Assorted Messy Stitches: Orange No. 01
Around Words Brushes and Stamps No. 09
Collageables No. 05
Dated Journalers No. 01A Brushes and Stamps
Studio DD:
Layer Works No. 493

Last night I tried to find a pumpkin big enough to fit your little body. Today on Halloween, your dad carved the top of it off and cleaned it out so we could put you in it to get your picture. First I put towels down inside the pumpkin, then placed you in it, and took a bunch of pictures of you as a little pumpkin. You didnít mind at all. It made for a really fun memory for your first Halloween as our baby pumpkin.

Thanks for looking! Smile