Have to challenge myself periodically to do a photoless page - usually when I run out of photos! Just a few thoughts about Halloween from this side of the world.
Journaling - Traditionally, we don't celebrate Halloween here in Australia - although of course in recent years the commercial opportunities presented by the adoption of this festival have been very much embraced by our large supermarket chains! I do have to admit to feeling a tad peeved that we here in Australia seem to have to copy without question all things American. It would seem much more appropriate to adopt (if we HAVE to adopt any), a festival that originates in a culture that is more widely represented in our own community – some of the Asian festivals for instance – but then perhaps they present fewer commercial opportunities for said businesses. In recent years, the various organisations that Claire has something to do with have organised a party/disco associated with Halloween, but after being very frightened by an extremely graphic costume some years ago n (a very real looking stab victim), she refuses to attend.Trick orTreating does not really happen on a large scale, and when it does happen, it seems to be mostly high spirited teenagers taking advantage of an opportunity to “run riot”. Claire is not impressed by people knocking on our door uninvited at the best of times – so on October 31st, she VERY FIRMLY closes the big
gates, effectively barring access to our front door, and locks everything up as tightly as possible. And the next morning? “Halloween PASS AWAY now!”
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