This is my take on Debbie’s gorgeous page, Lost In Translation. I loved it all but especially the lines and twists – thanks for the inspiration Debbie! Smile

Poppy is 9 months old this week…but I still have lots of early stories I want to document. I have more stories than hours in the day so I am letting mojo dictate where I go and what I scrap. Wink

Thanks for looking!

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Font: Olivetti Type 2
Journaling: Those 2 hours that I had to spend in recovery were possibly the longest hours of my life, baby girl. I just wanted to be back in my room with you and your Daddy. I wanted to give you lots of cuddles and actually have a chance to look at you. But the fact that I knew you were with your Daddy made it all the more bearable. I knew he would take good care of you and give you lots of love and attention. And Daddy did take extra special care of you. It was Daddy who gave you your first feed of Mummy’s milk. You were really hungry and luckily I had been expressing in the week before your birth. The midwife had Daddy feed it to you on the tip of his finger. Daddy tells me it did not take you long at all to drink that and soon after you wanted a proper feed. I got back to the room just as you were starting to really lose your patience! You did not really cry at this stage but made the most adorable little squeaking sounds. That beautiful little face though did not hide what you were really thinking. As soon as they brought you to me the squeaking stopped and you settled straight away.