Just some thoughts on this last day of August 2014. Where is this year going to?!

Loving coffee. Mostly decaf with the odd treat of a latte, mocha or cappuchino. Love it all.
Excited to start my photography course next week. It will force me to get out my big girl camera and make friends with it.
Wishing I wasn't ruled by the clock and that I didn't need the alarm. How nice it would be to 'just be'. Every day. Every single day. Forever.
Hoping Summer stays a little longer. Although I know that the onset of Autumn and Winter signals that Hayley's visit is getting closer. While the calendar doesn't change, my mind's eye will tell me that Winter weather will mean Hayley's arrival is getting ever so closer.
Needing to get back to a more healthy, balanced diet. Terribly off the rails at the moment. Just can't shake the craving for chocolate. UGH.
Finding grocery shopping a real chore. It's not just because I'm trying so hard to watch what I eat and count the calories, it's also because it can cost a small fortune to eat healthily.

Memories of now...
The new series of Downton Abbey starts in a few weeks time. Finally something decent to watch.
Dewald flies back to Cape Town next weekend. I so admire Hayley for how she's handled his time away from home.
Jodie and Stuart are doing so many fun things with Jack and Charlie. Such lucky little boys.
Mark is studying, and from a recent photo of Eva, she is getting so tall.
A little sad that we don't hear very much from Clayton but so happy to be seeing photo's of Ethan.

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