my now-7-yr-old requested a SPY theme for his birthday…and I had 4 days to plan it. turned out amazing, though, one of my favorites ever! each kid chose code names at the beginning (out-of-a-hat-style--one hat for colors, the other for nouns, then put them together). there was a big treasure-hunt style mission after cupcakes to track down their goodie bags…it sent each team all over the neighborhood, with decoding and walkie-talkie using and a trip to talk to a security guard. SO fun! and the best part—I turned each of the clues into a text-style QR code (did you know you could make your own?!), so they had to use smartphones to decipher the messages! amazingly fun. my two November-birthday kids are asking for a near-repeat of this party for their special days Smile

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