A sparkly, light-up backpack seems like the perfect way to start Kindergarten! Come play along with the Elemental Challenge here: https://www.designerdigitals.com/digital-scrapbooking/blog/elemental-challenge-banner-day/

Supplies (all found at Designer Digitals):
Chalkboard Banners Brushes and Stamps No. 03 - Katie Pertiet
Chalkboard Wings Paper Pack - Katie Pertiet
Light Strings No. 02: Solids - Katie Pertiet
Top of the World Kit - Lynn Grieveson
Printed + Scripted School Brushes + Stamps - Katie Pertiet
Crowning Affair: Vibrant Crowns - Katie Pertiet
Artistry d'amour Kit - Katie Pertiet
Brilliant Love Collection - Katie Pertiet
Crowning Affair: Vibrant Kit - Katie Pertiet