When I began this page, I started out with the idea of making it pretty clean and simple, and perhaps even delicate - with just a few of Katie's new doodle products and a couple of layers. Then I got carried away. In doing so, I realised that this page probably happened to be this way because there's actually nothing clean or simple, and definately not delicate, about these two boys of ours! It's a complete mad house when these two are on top form! Oh, but how I love them so!

I’ve known for a while that Jack is quite partial to selfies given that Jodie has found a few of Jack on her iPhone or iPad when she’s least expected it. There’s also a few of Jack with Jodie which he’s enjoyed seeing instantly after she’s tapped the screen. I’ve wanted a photo of myself with the boys for ages but such opportunities are few and far between. Rare, indeed if ever! So I came up with 'Project Selfie’ during my stay last month. I figured Charlie would be the easier of the two to capture. He appears to prefer being the only one in the shot although he seems willing to tolerate an adult with him - just not a little person! So yes, he was quite amenable to sitting on my lap staring into my iPhone waiting - and expecting - something to happen. And I got my shot. His sweet little face tells me he’s not too sure what the deal is and is probably thinking 'hey, I get one to one attention, so I can live with that - for all of a minute’. So that’s how my 'Charlie and me’ tick box was checked off. I had to wait another four days before I got the opportunity with Jack. He played along nicely when I mentioned the word 'selfie’ and although he was a little more coy than Charlie, again, I got my shot! I guess I proceeded to get a tad over confident of the boys willingness to have selfies with me and I quickly announced to Jodie 'I wonder if they’ll both sit with me while I take another?’ I grabbed both boys (that sounds more rough than it was!), thinking of the lovely shot - or selfie – that I was going to get. But alas, I couldn’t manage to keep both boys on my lap AND hold my iPhone AND take the selfie. So much for multi-tasking. Jodie to the rescue. OK, while I didn’t get the perfect shot of the three of us, I LOVE the one I did get. Because it’s the boys. It’s how they are right now. Rough and tumble. Wanting things on their own terms whenever they can push it. The fact that I have only one eye in this shot, the fact that we are all looking the wrong way and the fact that both boys are not enamoured that this is going on too long for their liking, is neither here nor there. It’s precious. LOVE these boys to the moon and back, to infinity & beyond. This is life. With them. Right here. Right now.

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