It's taken me a while to scrap the final day in Iceland because I was getting panic attacks
every time I went thru the pictures and thought about the journaling because, yes, the day
was just that bad. I had journaled about it a bit on my blog and you can see that post here.

page journaling reads:
The symbology in this first photo of our third day in Iceland is out of control. Here we are in a dark
tunnel, feeling trapped, seeing the light at the end but still in the tunnel. This day did not go as
planned and hoped for. We were to be picked up by a Photography Tour Guide in an SUV and taken to
sites we would not generally get to see. The night before our guide called and said he was unable to
make it and would be sending someone else. I should have cancelled then. When the guy should up in
a compact taxi cab I should have cancelled then. When he said “let me know if you see anything you
want to stop at because I’ve seen all this before” I should have turned back then. But it was a once in
a lifetime trip so on we went.

Almost There Collection
Shadowing Words No.2/3 {coming soon}