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Ear Tag identification is tricky business. Every rancher has his own system and if it works well for them, thatís all that matters. On our ranch, ear tags are used for in-herd identification and not for ownership. When a calf is born it gets an ear tag with the number of its Dam (Mother) and then a digit for the year of birth at the end. So when the #72 Cow had a calf this year, the calf's ear tag became #724. That number stays with the calf for life either as a freeze brand on the hide or a tattoo in the ear. If this calf would be a heifer (female) calf she gets a new "big girl" tag when she is two years and has her first calf. On the new tag the 724 goes on the backside of the tag and her new "In herd" tag number goes on the front and the sire code goes on the very top. That way we can tell at a glance the Dam, Sire and age of any cow on the ranch. When we number our embryo calves, we add a alphabet in the front of the number. So if # 72 had several embryos calves this year, their tattoos would be A724 and B724 and so on.

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