This page is a far cry from my normal but my Hubby said "Just go for it!" Why not right!

Baby Robins spend their first 5 or so days out of the nest learning important survival skills on the ground. Unfortunately WE didn't know this and the poor baby had no idea what it was in for it's first day out of the nest! Caught by two tiny humans, released by a bigger human, chased by a cat, almost hit by initial trapping mechanism that was actually aimed at the cat (sorry for the bad aim), chased around the perimeter of the yard by big human and her screaming little humans (who were upset about near miss with cat), caught in crazy trapping mechanism...again (for safety), left with tiny humans...again (so Mama could research what to do) and then released...again, (because this was a normal day for a Robin!) Phew what a day! After we released the baby, the kids wouldn't take their eyes off her, both too afraid that Ringo would come back for another try. In one of the pictures above you can see that Harley is looking one way while Jojo is looking the other, this was their tag-team effort to have eyes on both the baby bird (Jojo) and the cat (Harley)!!!

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