I secretly wish gas powered engines and any other type of fuel based vehicles were forbidden to use the roads during daylight hours. I know that might sound a bit bizarre, but on a global level, it would greatly enhance our environment, and on a personal level, it would greatly enhance my life. I would love nothing better than to get up and ride Fancy to work, but unfortunately a road without shoulders blocks my way. The cars won't slow down and they won't move over. If folks wanted to travel from one place to another in their vehicles they could do so at night. The rest of the time, life could slow down a bit and we could all be a little healthier. Battery operated golf carts would transport those folks who can't use human power to get them from one place to another.

We would probably have to allow emergency vehicles to operate during daylight hours, but that's it!

Folks would live closer to where they work and true communities would spring up with all of the wonderful attributes that comes with knowing your neighbors. Teachers would live in the same area as their students, as would all others, the doctors, the lawyers... Neighborhoods would consist of a mix of economic levels. The world could even out a bit, crime would drop. Drive by shootings would cease, seriously can you imagine a drive by shooting on a golf cart! Robberies would diminish, can you imagine a get-away golf cart, or bicycle? Yes, I secretly wish we could slow down our daily lives, breath more fresh air, and forbid gas powered and any other type of fuel based vehicles from our roadways during daylight hours!

K Pertiet
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