This double page spread is of our 4&1/2 year old grandson. Each time he comes to our house, he dresses up in the batman cape and the mask and then just goes about his playing. This day we just happened to have a huge pile of concrete rocks that were begging to be thrown! James was my man for the job. My journaling is as follows:

The construction men have just left and James thinks that he should be a super-hero and throw lots of the piled up rocks into the empty swimming pool shell. He put his trusty cape and mask on and is now up for the challenge!

I think that he probably threw in no less than one hundred rocks . . . from silver dollar size to some nearly too large for him to pick up. He was so funny when he would occasionally stop his work and get out the old dead cell phone to make or answer a call and listen intently to an unknown voice that only his vivid imagination could hear. Then start back once again apparently following some wonderful set of directions!

I sure do love that grand imagination and all that it can see & do! We thing that the children have enjoyed the process of tearing up the old pool and putting in the new pool nearly as much as they will enjoy the finished project

Text for journaling is Apple Garamond Light. Title is Diesel. The black background paper is from the Turkey Trot kit by Pattie Knox. Thanks to Kari, Beehive50(Debbi) & Kellie Mize for answering my question on the Designer Digitals community forum about moving text from MS Word to PSE.