A page about how Id do anything for this munchkin!

*Designer Digitals*
Katie Pertiet
My Peeps Layered Template
Atlantic Element Pack
Pelican Park Element Pack (staples)
Maplebrook Studios
Rouen Kit
Just Linens Paper Pack No. 22

Text: Little miss Eden, I would give you the moon if I could. You are such a sweet little thing. I love our time together before you grow older and the time comes for you to go to school. I think about that day, what you will be like. Will you cling to me and never let me go, will you cry and break my heart, or will you simply wave goodbye and tackle your new adventure. But for now, Ill leave those thoughts aside and treasure our time together. The time we get to chill and have coffee and timbits. Those sweet moments when you wake up from a nap and hug me so tight I know you love me. I really would do anything for you Eden. You make me laugh, make me run in circles and make me treasure our time together. Love you so much baby girl. Keep smiling and being that happy child we all love.