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For peteís sake I was 3 year behind my mother in owning a smartphone.
Honestly, I was too cheap to pay the $30 monthly fee.
I was fine with my flip phone as it was only for calls and texting... & thatís all I needed.
Well, itís still all I really need, but NOW
I donít have to carry so many printed out coupons for barb and I to shop on the weekend
I have a back up camera for those times that I donít have my canon with me
I can find restaurant options when Iím traveling
and I can look up a phone number or location if I find myself lost.
yep, lots of stuff will be easier; lots of stuff will be more fun, and the best part... whenever I need a pick me up...
I just push the little button and there it is.
(that little frog always makes me smile)

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