Papers: Flat Jacks Frolic and Doodled Daydreams by Katie Pertiet
Flowers: Summer's End kit by Jackie Eckles

There is something about the bond between sisters that canít be explained to a man. Iíve tried. History aside, thereís a common ground, an automatic understanding, that makes verbal shorthand possible. Iíve never been able to duplicate it with anyone else. Who else would be willing to patiently aid in my search for the perfect pair of jeans, reassure me for the gazillionth time that my butt really isnít That Big, listen as I drone on about work, and dish everything under the sun over sushi? I used to think my sisters and I were unique that way. And then while on a visit to my Aunt Gertieís, I got to see something amazing: my mom and her sisters together. Girlie girls getting silly. For some reason I had never noticed it before. I realized that day they had ďitĒ too.