I have many pages finished for this book . . . having fun with this year’s POTD project!

We have a farm in the next county over from where we live . . . my husband raises Black Angus cows there. Something is beleaguering our newborn calves from time to time. We lost one recently and are fairly sure that it is coyotes who killed the little fellow. The Shell service station down the road from us is very kind to save the unsold hot dogs for us at the end of each day, so Ed can put them out for the critters. He is hopeful that a Critter Cam can help him narrow down the culprit. I think that he likes to play detective!!

(An April Fool’s Day joke played on my husband this year, was this photograph of a ground hog, blue jay, squirrel & crows visiting his hot dog site. He fell for it! And, was amazed that they were all there at once. Actually the critters were there individually . . . definitely not together! I don’t believe that all four of these fellows would have gotten along to well as a group! My husband was dumbfounded when he saw this photograph today. The photographs of the racoon and possum weren’t good at all, as they were made in the evening and very burry. Those two seem to coexist very well. Gotta love the power of Photoshop, don’t we? It was so easy to blend all of the critters into one photo.) In all, the Critter Cam took multiple photos of the crows (the only ones which actually were eating the hot dogs for the camera), the groundhog, an army of squirrels, one beautiful tortoise-shell cat, the blue jay, several possums and raccoons and one or two curious cows!

Journaling: Ed has the Tiger Mart down the road save the unsold hot dogs for him to take to the farm to feed the critters. He bought a Critter Cam this week and installed it at the farm to see just who is eating those hot dogs! He hopes that it is coyotes so he can go there and sit inside the old house and pick off a few of them. He had a newborn calf killed by coyotes recently, and wants them gone if possible. This blue jay, groundhog, squirrel & pair of crows played an April’s Fool’s Day prank on him!!! The coyotes are continuing to remain very wily!

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