Just some random thoughts that went through my head while I was watching these two at the beach the other day. Smile

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Journaling: Birthdays are always a time for reflection. Now that I have kids I will reflect on birthdays even more. How they have grown. How they have changed. What they love right now. What their hopes and dreams are. What do I want for my kids? How life has changed (for the better) since they came along. The list is endless. When I look at this picture taken on Lincolnís third birthday, I see five things right away. 1. I see a little boy who overcame his fear of the waves that day and had such a fun time splashing and playing in the water. 2. I see a bond between father and son that is unbreakable. 3. I see that I need to buy a new swimsuit because that one is getting tight. 4. I think that we need to make the effort to go to the beach more because he loves it so much. 5. I realise that this time next year we will adding a little girl to this beautiful family photo.