There are many advantages to being married to my husband, some are more unique than others. Here is just one example.

Every year, during the Pemberville fair, our church family is invited to the Mxxxxxxx for a cookout. When I was filling my plate, three year old Mxxxx came in and was gesturing to the cookies. Without thinking, I handed him one and then realized I probably should have okayed it with his family first.

Later on, Mark caught a crayfish, put it in a plastic bottle and was showing it to the boys and whoever else might be interested. Mxxxx’s five year old brother Lxxx thought Mark was giving it to him as a gift. Since Mark didn’t want to hurt his feelings, he gave him the crayfish.

See what I mean? This is the fabulousness of being married to Mark. Giving a cookie to a three year old is nothing compared to handing over a crayfish to his five year old brother. I was totally off the hook.

The “boys” went down to the river to try and catch more but they didn’t find any others. Lxxx referred to the crayfish as his new pet and took it on a field trip to the fair.

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