Our ranch celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2013. There is actually a discrepancy with the dates, because his Grandmother homesteaded this land one year, but didn't get the papers until she "proved" it up several years later. I have now decided to put together a book for just our ranch and maybe call it …..The First Hundred years or something like that. I have very few photos (almost none) from the early days, but I could probably find something similar on the internet. I think at the top of every page I will have THIS IS in black and then the focus text of the page in another color. I plan on keeping the photos b/w with a bit of spot coloring. So I will probably be jumping around from current to old…bear with me. It's really like an AAM for our ranch!! I am hoping that this will be a legacy for our boys and their families to see what was and what is.

A very special Thank You to my dear digi scrapping friend Carol aka cstaff for encouraging me to document the everyday life of a cow on our ranch. She kept after me… gently prodding and reminding me to do this, I thought it was far too boring and mundane….she thought otherwise. She is the inspiration to create this ranch/cow book!

This is - Where it started

Journaling reads:
Although this is not the actual homestead building of Minnie and Lizzie Dolan, one could only imagine that they built something very similar. In our investigations we have never been able with any accuracy to pinpoint the exact location of the original homestead house. We have found piles of rock to possibly indicate a foundation, but nothing positive has been located. The two sisters had homesteaded on adjoining parcels of land and built their homestead shack on the property line, one room on each side so they could live together and “prove-up” their allotment. Each homestead allotment was 320 acres on which they had to live for 5 years in order to acquire title to the land. I’m not sure one could imagine the hardships they encountered while proving up their claims. The lack of basic creature comforts; electricity, running water and enduring the heat of the summer and cold of the winter would be incomprehensible to most. But this one decision made a mark on their descendants for the next 100 years.

Keeping my ranch pages very simple and graphic to please the men in the house!!

** Photo from internet, it was closest to what we had in our minds of what the house might have looked like**

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