journaling reads:
This week started by returning from spending the weekend with kelly in Fairfax.
The possible sty in my eye was really flaring up so Monday I went back to the eye doc and
ended up having a minor surgical procedure in the office. It hurt. Like heck it hurt. It impaired
my productivity and creativity the entire week. Just not myself. The eye was draining and it was
bitterly cold so when I walked Dixie I swear it froze up. Thursday Kelly called in crisis mode
because she needed either a birth certificate or passport for a new internship thru the school. So
I had to stop everything and drive down to Fairfax again. two hours down and two hours back.
All the driving and my eye issues wiped me out. A week I hope not to repeat!

Pocket Pages No17
Striped Cardstocks: Candies [recolored slightly]
Notebook Paper Pack No5 [desaturated]
Counting Weeks Tags No2
Color Study Flair: Red
Frosted Fun Solids