Here is day number 23 for my 2013 POTD book . . . so far, I’m keeping up pretty well . . . only about seven or eight days behind! I took this photo of our back door just because I hadn’t taken a photo on this day . . . I snapped my camera because I was tired and had no ideas for a nice photo this day. But, when I pulled it into this layout and thought what few words I could write I found that so many thought and memories came to mind . . . so here they are. I’m so glad that I couldn’t find a brilliant photograph! I left out just how many times my husband has snagged his sleeve on my doorknocker!!

Journaling: How many times in the past 40 years has this door been opened for us to come inside our home? How many times has this door been closed and locked when we are away so we can return safely to our home? This back door is a symbol of the comings and the goings of our years together here . . . the happy welcoming of friends, neighbors, grandparents, aunts, uncles, new grandbabies and the many dogs & cats which we have held so dear. This door has been painted red, green, white and now, black. This door has opened for dinner parties, graduation celebrations, weddings held here in our back yard, opened for children and grandchildren who have needed a celebratory hug or a comforting word. . There have been a few times when the door has closed after the visit of a loved one for the last time that they would be with us here . . . of course, one never knew when that turn of the knob would close a chapter of our lives together as we knew it then. This door is a part of our family it seems!

Midnight Alphabet – Lynn Grieveson
Pelican Park Solids Paper Pack – Katie Pertiet
Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01 – Katie Pertiet
Watery Photo Masks No. 08 – Katie Pertiet
Fonts: Trajan Pro & TypoSlabserif-Lite

*Error caught by Susan aka "home in ottawa", who is a wonderful proof-reader! Thanks so much for the catch! I will redo the original and cut out the doubled sentence. Smile