I hope you never feel that your dad or I impose our interests on you. We want you to grow into your skin with confidence and be able to express yourself to the world in your own unique way. Of course that doesnít mean that I canít be over the top happy to find you using your camera. When Iíve talked to you about photography, itís never really piqued your interest. But a very cool art teacher got you excited to learn more about your camera. Photography is just one way that you can develop your creativity. There are countless others. Develop this skill, and your ability to be creative will bleed into every facet of your life. Creativity can be an outlet that soothes your spirit, creates beauty, solves problems and inspires others. Work hard at it. Creativity isnít just something your born with, and it doesnít come easily. Itís something you can learn to develop when you have an open mind and a willing heart.

Ali Edwards
Love You Because Layered Template Set

Cathy Zielske
Toothy No 01 Paper Pack

Katie Pertiet
Ornament Scatterings No 01

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DoubleD Doodles: Project 365