So, Shannon is experiencing winter in Minnesota! And it ain't all bad! All of Katie's new goodies are so perfect for cool (pun intended!) holiday happiness!

(on the photos)
Shannon's words via text: inside feeling the warmth... (LEFT PHOTO; in the restaurant)
decided to brave the -2 degree weather at the end... (MIDDLE PHOTO; ventured outside)
started to regret that decision... (RIGHT PHOTO; outside and freezing!)
(main journaling)
Shannon accepted an invitation to the “@Home in MN” (a UM first-year/ transfer student program) viewing of the annual “Holidazzle” light parade in downtown Minneapolis! She was offered a free guest pass, too, so she invited Alyssa from her soccer team. Everyone was bussed to a curbside restaurant to view the parade. Since the temps were below 0°, most people were happy to see the show from inside! But, towards the end of the parade, the girls decided to venture outside... I mean, really... you’ve gotta see all those twinkling lights ‘in real life’, right? Shannon sent me photos to prove that they did go watch outside in the -2° weather! In the first photo outside, it doesn’t look too cold. Heck, Alyssa doesn’t even have a hat on... although she is from Wisconsin! *smiley* But by the end of the parade...? Well, even the photo is blue! (hahaha)


Winter Ice Paper Package
***Coming Soon***
Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01
(photo frames, duh!)
Shimmer Flake Clusters No. 01
(glittery goodies under the photos)
Golden Glitter Splatters No. 01
(little bits of gold glitter near bottom)
Silver Glitter Splatters No. 01
(mixed with the gold glitter!)
Silver Essentials No. 01
Golden Essentials No. 01
Golden Flairs No. 01
Golden Alphabet No. 01
(title letters)

Thanks for looking! Debi