This is a scrap lift from a beautiful layout done by Darla, My dd did not want to pose for this picture but I love her look on this one.

You just wanted to get in the car to warm up. I told you I wouldn't let you until I got just one more picture. I'm so glad I made you wait. This picture is simply beautiful. It shows you at a vulnerable time. You still have baby fat in your cheeks but we're beginning to get a glimpse of the young woman you will become. Bear with me Kelly if I want to savor these moments just a little bit longer.


pps: Hello Mellow kit by Anna Aspnes, coming Sunday
Curled Photo Frames No 0
Buttons Galore
Botanist Notebook Vol. 4 Kit
(staples and stitching)
Circle Torn Edges Element Set
Simple Torn Edges Element Set