This is hard to say, but early last year I had a major failure, and although I thought I had backup, I didn't. So I lost most of 2012, and part of 2011 (I still have point and shoots). I had started this book, and couldn't finish. So this year, I'm starting again with the same vision, and I'm so thankful for my photos. Look out - there will be a lot of journaling!
Thanks to Mollie who inspired this book. Smile

Michael and I love to reminisce about our childhood memories watching Christmas classics. When we were kids in the 70’s, they were called “specials”. As in, “there’s going to be a Christmas special on tonight!” | We’re a bit sad that today these shows can be watched on a whim - even in July. In our pre-internet ready world, we timed everything just so we would be positioned in front of the TV when the feature started. Missing even a minute of the Peanuts or Rudolph feature could be disastrous. | I regret that Jake has never experienced the sheer anticipation of waiting 11 3/4 months just to see a favorite show. In our world of instant gratification, the feeling of wonder is just a little duller than it was for us in the 70’s. I recognize our waves of nostalgia from seeing it in my own parents. I tolerated their stories as they suffered our eye rolls. Even as we speak, I’m sure there is a new “special” that will bring Gen Y to their own misty nostalgia. One day.

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