I had to laugh... Shannon was really excited to go to Outback for dinner with her friend, Sara, last week. As usual, I requested a photo... of her and Sara, not the food.
Apparently, Shannon didn't "...get the memo..." hahahaha


An excited text from you on Friday night... dinner at Outback with Sara! You had your favorite “Chicken on the Barbie” which is so healthy and tasty! And while you shared the bread, you only had a few bites of the delicious mud pie. (It’s so hard to resist it completely!) You had a fun time with Sara, but apparently didn’t see (ha) my text asking for a photo of you and Sara... how did I wind up with four photos of your yummy meal? Geesh...


Jingle Solids Paper Pack
(I went with the yellow background 'cuz most Outback restaurants are yellow wood siding! Plus, it's cheerful! LOL)
Cooked Digital Stamps
(The fork and knife image behind the journaling.)
Photo Clusters No. 46
(Love it when Katie makes it easy to just drop in photos!)
Foiled Twists No. 01
(Love these glittered twists!)
Cooked Element Pack
(The spice... I'm sooooo not a cook so I have no idea what spice... other than I know it's not basil! haha)

Outback Steak House logo from www(dot)outback(dot)com!

Thanks for looking! Debi