I'm pretty positive that the writers for Saturday Night Live's "Deep Thoughts" segment had 4 year old boys :o)

This isn't my fave layout design-wise, but love the journaling...

C: Mom...what happens if u have
a sticker that isnít sticky and you
stick a sticker that IS sticky to it?

Me: Ummmm, well then the top one will
stick to the bottom one and neither one
of them will stick.

C: Oh....(silence)...Why?

Me: Uhhh...(Silence)

C: Mom...Do elephants sneeze?

Me: (Deep breath, inner sigh...)

Katie Pertiet: Tape it, Curled Photo Frames, Curled Journaling Spots(staple), Stamped Sent 2 (Unique Stamp), Messy Journaling Stamps, Ledger Grid Brushes

Anna Aspnes: Hipster Plumes Brushes 6 and 7, Magic Sparkles Brushes

Jackie Eckles: Paper