I've scrapped about Grandparents' Day with a few of our grandchildren. We were so glad to have been able to be with them . . . the children were so very excited to have us in their classrooms . . . and we were do very proud to be with them there too. We ended the day by having the best popsicles I have ever tasted!!! Quiet a celebration for the ending of a wonderful day. I've used a new LayerWorks which will be available really soon . . . another DD products which makes scrapping look like it takes ages, when actually it only takes about an hour!

Journaling: We went to see the grandchildren for grandparents’ day at their school this week. The day was such fun and the kids loved having us with them . . . so proud! For dinner that evening we went to a fabulous little Mexican restaurant and then to a fairly new popsicle place next door . . . what a treat! I had a blackberry popsicle complete with all of the luscious seeds . . . the kids had chocolate, peanut butter-chocolate and Bess had pomegranate! The perfect ending for a perfect day.

Astro Scrapbooking Collection – Katie Pertiet
Attic Treasures Scrapbooking Kit – Katie Pertiet
Baby Pink Patterns + Solids Papers – Ali Edwards
Black, White and Turquoise Kit – Katie Pertiet
Hadleigh Flairs – Katie Pertiet
Layer Works No. 377 – Studio DD
Pinned: Wood Veneers No. 01 – Katie Pertiet
Pointies Brushes and Stamps No. 02 – Cathy Zielske
Scallop Stamps No. 02 Summer Brushes and Stamps – Cathy Zielske
Seed Packets No. 01 (popsicle stick) – Katie Pertiet
Textured Cardstock: Citrus Berry Paper Pack – Katie Pertiet
Wood Veneer Words No. 03 – Katie Pertiet