This article was written about my grandson by the PR director at his school.He is having an awesome senior football season (and the season is only half over!) I wanted to record it in some way, so I paired it with a few pretty poor quality photos I took. The end result achieves my goal...preserving this memory for him.

More than one Lipscomb player could be considered to be a “two-way” player this season. However, not many are on the field in the various manners that Reid Weber has found himself in during 2013.
Weber is leading the team in receiving this season with 417 yards on 26 receptions. He is averaging 16 yards per catch and has reached the end zone six times. On defense, the senior has recorded 20 total tackles. He also has 2 interceptions, a fumble recovery and five pass deflections. Weber has added a total of 44 return yards on his three takeaways this season to aid his offensive teammates with field position after the turnover.
On special teams, Weber is averaging 11 yards per attempt on his five combined punt and kickoff returns this year.
Against Goodpasture, he contributed 43 receiving yards, 38 total return yards and nine more yards on a fumble recovery and return. Sure hands and quick feet have helped him to earn these roles within the team. Maybe before the season is complete, Weber will line up in the backfield and add one more component to his already versatile game.

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