I love the Story Scrapbook challenge. It really makes me dig deep and tell a story I might not otherwise think to tell. Every story is worth telling, so I hope you will join me.

I wanted to tell this story just because, because it's a part of me and my history.

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I have a pair of socks that mean the world to me. I have never worn them, and yet will never part with them. These socks are a connection to moment, to a feeling, to a memory of a really tragic time years ago when dad was still with us. See, he was sick and in hospital and it was his last two weeks on this earth. I sat by his bedside every day, talking to him because by then he couldn’t speak, playing him music, telling him stories and all the while I knitted. My needles would rhythmically click and clack whilst he would sleep, his breathing ragged, my tears silent. It was a very hard time.

These socks were created in those two weeks. When dad was awake he would watch me, he would hold the ball of wool in his hands and feel the yarn slip through his fingers. I guess he wasn’t really holding the wool, it was laying on the bed where his hands lay. I would show him my progress and he would smile with his eyes.

As the days went on and dad started slipping away, my needles flew faster. It was as if should I finish them before the time came, he would get better. I don’t know where that thought came from, tiredness, exhaustion, making deals with God. So I finished the socks ... look dad they’re done! But by that stage he wasn’t watching any more, he was just sleeping, he never did see them finished. And yet they are a connection to him that I will always have. So I will never part with these socks, because dad and I made them together.