I just came home from my 50th high school reunion in my hometown which was over last weekend. We had a wonderful time filled with friends, fun, memories and lots of old photographs! I stayed an entire week with my special group of 8 girl friends, which go back to the days when we were all babies in 1945. I didnít take too many photos of the reunion last week, because it seems that we were just in the moment and didnít take time to pull out cameras. When I saw Lynnís new album template set I thought that I would just record as much as I can of each grade of my school years. I am beginning with my 1st grade memories and a few photographs. The little picture is of me and my then favorite doll "Squeaker"! Ummm . . . guess what? She squeaked when squeezed! Smile


Credits: I have used Lynn Grievesonís Life In Pictures Album and used the template just as Lynn created it for the first page . . . and changed it around just a bit for the second page of the pair.