A few years I all but gave up eating butter. I had developed high cholesterol, had gained a bit of weight so I went to work to solve the problem . . . I gave up butter as my starting point. I knew that I ate way too much butter! Now as my weight is good and my cholesterol much better, I am reintroducing butter into my diet . . . but in a restrained manner!! The day I took this photo was a day when the sun finally shined though my rain spattered and stained kitchen window after a week of driving storms . . . I was baking a pound cake for the first time in about three years and relishing adding a decadent amount of real butter again! An insignificant event in life and probably not worthy of a scrapbook page . . . but a bit of a solved wake up call for me.

Journaling: I am a butter junkie . . . admitted & proud. I realized that I ate way too much butter, so I backed off significantly. Today I was baking a little bit and pulled out the nasty soy butter and decided there and then that I can eat bits of butter and not kill myself. I can have butter on roasted fresh corn and savor each kernel . . . I can lob a bit on a homemade biscuit and rejoice in the flavor that the butter and blackberry jam add. I can bake a pound cake and not worry when am told to add an entire cup of butter to my batter . . . after all I am not going to eat all of the cake in one sitting, am I? So today as I was baking I unwrapped a stick of Land-O-Lake and set it in the kitchen against the rain splattered window to soften just as the sun broke through the haze and relished in my new decision not to deprive myself, but to just be a bit more sensible than has been my habit! My cholesterol is now o.k. . . . halleluiah!!!

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