This week, Nancy has chosen one of Cathy Zielske’s wonderful templates for the challenge! I love working with templates and LOVE all of Cathy’s clean & simple templates in the DD store. This one was such fun to play with.

Journaling: I’ve a lot to say about tomatoes . . . more than I’ve room to write I suppose. When I was little, I wouldn’t touch them . . . then I learned to take a saltshaker out to Rose Leigh’s backyard and pick one of the red orbs from her mother’s vine under her kitchen window and bite in! This knowledge at about the age of eight or nine started a lifelong love affair for me. Some years we grow tomatoes, but this year I rely on the Farmer’s Market for their lovely heirloom tomatoes . . . or on the juicy homegrown tomatoes given to us by one of the men who works with my husband on our farm. My grandmother canned tomatoes & tomato juice . . . Aunt Velma made her own spicy V-8 juice . . . Mother made fabulous tomato sandwiches with cream cheese . . . and Daddy grew his own in our backyard but they never tasted as good as Rose Leigh’s. Mother always said that Daddy was the only agriculture major who graduated from Mississippi State College who couldn’t grow a juicy tomato! In the summer I love to slice mine thick and add a good layer of fresh basil with mayonnaise on 7-grain bread for a summertime treat to savor.

Banner Strip Words: Love No. 01
Cathy Zielske's Layered Template No. 049
Chevron Cardstocks: Candies Paper Pack
Chevron Cardstock: Cape Value Paper Pack
Chevron Cardstock Orchard Value Paper Pack
Vintage Photo Frames No. 32
Font used to make the asterick* tomato stem is STIXGeneral