I was a human pin cushion on Tuesday. Wink I also needed another ultrasound so the day ended with another sneak peek at our little miss. Smile

Thanks for looking.

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Font: Olivetti Type 2, Pea Hannah Vanilla, Bebas
Journaling: My doctor decided she wanted to do an early glucose tolerance test as well as a repeat of the morphology scan. She wanted clearer images of Poppy’s heart and spine. She also wanted to do another check on my thyroid and some other tests so it meant a day at the hospital. I was glad when it was over!

Arrived at the hospital pathology at 8:15 am for my 8:30 appointment. It was already lined up out the door. This did not bode well for me. My glucose test was started 30 mins late. I was so hungry already and had another two hours to go! The glucose drink was foul! Thankfully though the 2 hours and 3 jabs passed quickly! Dylan and Lincoln picked me up, we had lunch and then dashed home so I could pee and drink a bunch of water for my ultrasound. Poppy-Belle was very co-operative this time and they saw everything clearly. All looked normal! Home time for us!