Carol's last "story challenge" on the DD blog was my original plan when I sat down at the computer last week to scrapbook. I intended to scrap something about my mom, who truly was the most inspirational person I've ever known. But, then I received an email from my dad's cousin (who's one of the most interesting woman I've ever known) and I started reminiscing... which led to searching for some photos and opening one of Katie's new book templates (they're amazing and so perfect for me!). And then I started writing. And a funny thing happened: I realized that Kay and her (ex)husband actually were an inspiration to me.
So there ya have it... memories and inspiration. And, a couple of not-so-good, but actually good pics! *wink*

As I look back, so many wonderful little things about Kay and Juan actually affected me in big ways. Kay is Dad's cousin and she was a beautiful, tall and statuesque blonde. Still is, actually. When I was young, I wanted to have her presence and confidence. (Unfortunately, I never made it past 5'5"! haha) Kay was married to a Spaniard... a real Spaniard. From Spain. (This was so amazing to me in the 5th Grade!) He had an awesome Spanish name: Juan Garcialeon. I was so proud that I could pronounce it correctly, Spanish accent and all! I think my love of languages started by saying Juan's name! And, I just adored Juan... he had the best sense of humor! (Can't you see the twinkle in his eye in the photos? *smiley*) Juan was a travel agent, Kay worked for BOAC (British Overseas Airways) and they traveled all over the world. I'm pretty sure that my desire to become a stewardess was born from them. They lived in exciting cities like New York and San Francisco... they had even lived in Casablanca! Kay was fluent in Spanish, French and Italian and could even speak a little German. I proudly remember her always telling me I had a "good accent". She encouraged me and I think she was the reason I took French, Italian and German in school! Why I didn't take Spanish, tho, I'll never know! Oh, I could go on and on... there are just so many wonderful little things to remember.....


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