A quickie on my lunch hour... *grin* (Doncha love it?) I started this weeks ago and the "artsy challenge" this week on the DD blog was the 'kick' I needed to finish it up! Even though I'm pretty far from "artsy"... LOL
Thanks, Anke! And, I'll be back to link y'all up later tonight 'cuz it's back to work I go!

Behind the lens today... you admiring, studying and enjoying art. We made another visit to the Getty Museum in L.A. and, of course, yet another viewing of the Van Gogh painting I love so much (”Irises” 1889) as well as your favorite piece of art at Getty... the little girl in front of the aqua door (”Jeanne Kéfer” by Fernard Knopf 1885). There’s something about this painting just draws you in... you even have a small print hanging in your room. I love that you share my love and appreciation of the fine arts, although I still question how you can enjoy walking thru the medieval art galleries... I’m not such a big fan! *smiley*


Textured Cardstock: Faded Berry
(aqua 'as is', burgundy was darkened a tad)
Watery Chevrons
Twisted Dots No. 1
Inked Words: Photos No. 1
Little Round Tabs No. 3
Freebie 07-25-13
(mask, faded overlay)

Layered Template No. 112

Thanks for looking! Debi